It’s not just a simple cocktail bar it’s that chill-out sunset spot in Mykonos with the unbeatable view and atmospheric surroundings that set the stage for unforgettable summer evenings. In the stylish open-air lounge area, the panoramic views over Chora and the Aegean Sea take center stage, especially during that magical hour when the sun dips into the sea, painting the horizon with shades of purple.

At this established rendezvous with the sunset, inspired cocktails (try the Adelon with a spoonful of traditional mastiha sweet), Aperol Spritz suggestions, and labels from the updated wine list that pair excellently with cheese and cold cuts platters complete a fine drinking experience. The highlight of the unique experience at Adelon Sunset Bar is the musical nights featuring live violin performances every Thursday, offering a fusion of Greek and international tunes.


Adelon: Born in 2020 in Mykonos, absorbing the energy of the enchanting sunset.

The main elements and fundamental materials of Adelon are marble and wood, which imbue the bar with the quality and character befitting this beautiful island of Delos. Once upon a time, the myth goes, it wasn’t even a proper island. It was the “Adelos Nisos,” the invisible island that floated here and there in the Aegean. And if it escaped this fate and acquired a glorious name, it was thanks to one of the many whims of the king of the gods.

Zeus fell in love with the goddess Leto, and the result of their love was a tumultuous pregnancy and a painful nine-day childbirth. When the time came for Leto to give birth, Hera did everything in her power to prevent her from finding a place to deliver. Wherever she went, she was driven away out of fear of Hera’s retaliation. Zeus then implored his brother Poseidon to lend the floating island he possessed, which was then called Asteria and Ortygia. In return, he gave him Calabria. Poseidon placed the wandering rock in the center of the Aegean and anchored it with four diamond chains, transforming the “invisible” island into “Delos,” which means visible. The surrounding islands that encircle Delos were named the Cyclades.

Since then, Delos remained stable and never moved again, except for one occasion. When Datis, the general of Artaphernes, sought to invade Greece, not only did he not harm Delos, but he also offered 300 talents of frankincense to the Delian Apollo temple! It was only then that the island trembled once. All these stories about the moving island are due to frequent seismic activity, as Pausanias tells us. In his time, a part of the island was called “Tremor.”

On this island, in its sacred lake, beneath a palm tree, the hunted Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo after nine days of agony. As soon as Apollo was born, the place filled with flowers and light, nature awakened, and Leto ensured that the island became rich and respected by the whole world, just as she had promised. Thus, the small, arid, and barren Delos gained the glory that accompanied it for many millennia.

Delos covers an area of only 3.43 square kilometers. It has only one mountain mass called Kynthos, slightly higher than 100 meters. It also has only one river, Inopos, which is only 1,200 meters long. The ancients said that it always flooded in the same year as the Nile, as if connected to it by some mysterious underwater currents.

Etymologically, the name “Adelon” derives from the word “adelos,” which means hidden.


In Adelon, the main focus is on providing high-quality services based on honesty, professionalism, and Greek hospitality.

From the moment the guest enters Adelon, they are not treated as a customer but as an invited guest and our host, offering them an exceptional experience.


We are waiting for you in the new year from May

With new menu and decoration options.

Health to all and have a good time!